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Brain injury & homelessness – learning from survivors, carers, research and practice

May 15

This event is kindly sponsored by Irwin Mitchell Solicitors


Research across the world repeatedly shows that around 50% of homeless people have suffered brain injury, most often prior to becoming homeless. Brain injuries are known to hinder a person’s ability to sequence events, like paying rent; answering the door whilst running a bath can lead to flooded flats below.

Research and experience also shows that the more marginal the group the more prevalent are brain injuries, and yet very little is done – ask yourselves how many service users have you spoken to about the possibility of brain injury?

People who complete neurological rehabilitation lead far more stable, creative and productive lives. But the overwhelming majority of brain injuries in marginalised groups go unnoticed and as a result people are routinely dealt with for inappropriate conditions that do little to enable change.

Changing these patterns of professional behaviour, to where people are routinely screened for brain injury, where brain injuries can be assessed and people given support to manage their situations better, takes new approaches and new networks. The aim of this conference is to share recent research and begin to open people’s eyes to the realities of brain injuries and build new alliances that can funnel support to where it is needed most.


Head Injury and Homelessness Research Group (HIHRG)


Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus
Heart of the Campus Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus Collegiate Cres, Broomhall,
Sheffield, S10 2BP United Kingdom