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Dr Alyson Norman

Dr Alyson Norman

Aly has been a researcher in the field of brain injury now for nearly 20 years, with a keen focus on the experiences of family members. She has worked closely as a psychotherapist with family members following brain injury and seen the impact that it can have on each individual. This is an experience she can appreciate all too well, as the sister of a person with a traumatic brain injury.

Aly is a member of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (Research sub-group), Trustee of Headway Somerset, and Deputy Chair of Anchor Point, a special interest group where people with different experiences and knowledge of families affected by brain injury can connect, contribute, inform and improve service provision by working together to build family centred expertise, information, research and resources.

Aly is leading on a key aspect of the Heads Together project which is the perspectives of people affected by brain injury including people with brain injury, their family members and carers, and the professionals who support them. All of these will inform the research which aims to improve social worker knowledge of brain injury and outcomes for people affected by this condition. Aly is also working closely with other members of the Heads Together team to analyse interview data from social work practitioners to understand their brain injury training needs.

'I am so pleased to be working with such an inspiring and driven group of researchers and people with lived experience. Both individuals with brain injuries and their family members need better social work input in order to be able to rebuild their lives post-injury. I feel the heads Together project has the scope to make a huge difference in this area and improve the picture for individuals with brain injuries, their families and those working in the field of social work.’